Monday, April 25, 2011

Coach Vs Team over London Marathon - the results!!

On Sunday (17th April) morning, about the same time as the tens of thousands of committed runners and charity fund raisers where starting to trot towards the start line of the Virgin London Marathon in London, The Leckhampton Rovers Sharks gathered for an international event. 

Our aim: "to run a marathon faster than Steve".  In Portugal, Ben Partridge and family took off their shoes to run on a beach.  In Germany, Thorben Fuchs and family looked out over a park.  And in Cheltenham, the remaining ranks of the League and Cup double winning side assembled in Hatherley Park.

By the official start time of 10 o'clock a some early runners had already completed a number of the 57 laps required to cover the marathon distance.  Seth Price and Mary needed to get away to a tennis tournament.  Connor Holland was already on court so his mum Jacq had been out early knocking off some laps.  The remaining 40 laps would be the task for the assembled masses.  The distance was tackled in a multi-player, relay format.  2 or 3 runners running together.  The required lap target soon tumbled due to the tremendous level of support and commitment shown by the boys for their beloved coach.  Thanks also to brothers and sisters, mums and dads who all turned out to support the team effort.

We eagerly awaited Steve's tweets to update us of his progress.  By the time he was 2 miles into his marathon we had completed ours.  Many hands make light work.

After completing the marathon most of the kids and were just warming up.  They challenged the dads to an around-the-pitch foot race.  Needless to say that the dads showed the kids a thing or two about straight line speed.  Although turning corners proved more challenging.

With the racing over there was nothing left but to play football for an hour.  The boys insisted in not needing any help from the dads but did allow their coach Sam Dunne to play on their team.  Despite a valiant effort and some amazing refereeing decisions the dads managed to win the game 9:2.

A great fun morning was had by all.  And, as Steve was crossing the line in London, we were all settling down to watch the FA Cup semi-final on the Telly.

Welcome done everyone, especially Steve.

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