Monday, November 26, 2012

Subscribe to Full-Time updates directly

Note to all Managers.

We can minimise the email traffic from Amelia and reduce the overhead on our busy Club Secretary by signing up for Full-Time alerts direct from the FA. So when there is a fixture change or update you get the email update direct and Amelia does not need to send them as well.

To sign up do the following:

Go the to FullTime page of the Cheltenham Youth League 

Select your division from the drop down list to see the relevant league table and fixtures. 
In the menu banner there is then an option labelled Email Sub select this.

There is then a form where you can add your name and email address the click Subscribe.
You will now receive updates direct from the FA. 

Please do this within the next 4 weeks and when you have notify Amelia via email so she 
can remove you from the distribution for fixtures. If you already get these updates then 
please also notify Amelia.

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