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Please see below email and the FA requirement together with deadline. If you do not have a valid CRC, please let me know and I will send out the instructions on how to obtain one.


Begin forwarded message:

From: "Steve Mattos" <>
Subject: FA CRC checks
Date: 19 August 2015 19:52:45 BST
To: "cyl-Swindon Village Bowmen" <>, "cyl-Redmarley Yth" <>, "cyl-Newent Yth" <>, "cyl-Leckhampton Rov" <>, "cyl-Cheltenham Spa" <>, "cyfl cwo Winchcombe Yth" <>, "cyfl cwo Tuffley Rovers" <>, "cyfl cwo Tewkesbury T Colts" <>, "cyfl cwo Southside" <>, "cyfl cwo Shurdington Rovers" <>, "cyfl cwo Ruardean Hill Rgrs" <>, "cyfl cwo Rowanfield Rovers" <>, "cyfl cwo Rodborough Yth" <>, "cyfl cwo Quedgeley Wand" <>, "cyfl cwo Prestbury Phantoms" <>, "cyfl cwo Painswick" <>, "cyfl cwo Northleach" <>, "cyfl cwo Lydney Town Yth" <>, "cyfl cwo Lydbrook Yth" <>, "cyfl cwo Longlevens Infants" <>, "cyfl cwo Longlevens AFC Yth" <>, "cyfl cwo Hucclecote" <>, "cyfl cwo Harrow Hill Jnrs" <>, "cyfl cwo Hardwicke Rgrs" <>, "cyfl cwo Gotherington Jnrs" <>, "cyfl cwo Gala Wilton" <>, "cyfl cwo Fintan" <>, "cyfl cwo FC Oakwood" <>, "cyfl cwo FC Lakeside" <>, "cyfl cwo FC Highnam" <>, "cyfl cwo FC Baros Yth" <>, "cyfl cwo Eckington Juniors" <>, "cyfl cwo Cotswold Rgrs Yth" <>, "cyfl cwo Cinderford" <>, "cyfl cwo Churchdown P" <>, "cyfl cwo Chelt Saracens" <>, "cyfl cwo Charlton Rovers" <>, "cyfl cwo Broadwell" <>, "cyfl cwo Bourton Rov Yth" <>, "cyfl cwo Bishops Cleeve Colts" <>, "cyfl cwo Abbeymead" <>, "cyfl cwo Chelt CS Yth" <>
Cc: "CYFL mc-Nigel N-B \(work\)" <>, "CYFL mc-Dan Bingham" <>

With the start of the season just a couple of weeks away, just a reminder especially for the benefit of new Clubs or new Club Welfare Officers.
Under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 it is the Club's legal responsibility that all those in your Club with regular access to children MUST have a valid (less than 3 years old) CRC check before 1 September (FA Rule).

Steve Mattos (League Welfare Officer)
Cheltenham Youth Football League
----- Original Message ----- 
To: cyl-Swindon Village Bowmen ; cyl-St Marks ; cyl-English Bicknor ; cyfl cwo Wotton Rovers ; cyfl cwo Worcester Colts ; cyfl cwo Winchcombe Yth ; cyfl cwo Whitecroft ; cyfl cwo Tuffley Rovers ; cyfl cwo Southside ; cyfl cwo Shurdington Rovers ; cyfl cwo Ruardean Hill Rgrs ; cyfl cwo Rodborough Yth ; cyfl cwo Quedgeley Wand ; cyfl cwo Prestbury Phantoms ; cyfl cwo Painswick ; cyfl cwo Northleach ; cyfl cwo Lydney Town Yth ; cyfl cwo Lydbrook Yth ; cyfl cwo Longlevens Infants ; cyfl cwo Longlevens AFC Yth ; cyfl cwo Leckhampton Rov ; cyfl cwo Hucclecote ; cyfl cwo Highnam Yth ; cyfl cwo Hardwicke Rgrs ; cyfl cwo Gotherington Jnrs ; cyfl cwo Forest Rangers Yth ; cyfl cwo Fintan ; cyfl cwo FC Oakwood ; cyfl cwo FC Lakeside ; cyfl cwo FC Baros Yth ; cyfl cwo Evesham Utd ; cyfl cwo Cotswold Rgrs Yth ; cyfl cwo Cinderford ; cyfl cwo Churchdown P ; cyfl cwo Chelt Spa Yth ; cyfl cwo Chelt Saracens ; cyfl cwo Chelt CS Yth ; cyfl cwo Charlton Rovers ; cyfl cwo Cashes Green ; cyfl cwo Broadwell ; cyfl cwo Bishops Cleeve Colts ; cyfl cwo Abbeymead ; cyfl cwo Tewkesbury T Colts
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 3:26 PM
Subject: FA CRC checks - new guidance

Hello All,
Please see this link to new FA Guidance issued for CRC checks.
If you are not continuing as Club Welfare Officer for 2015/16 season, please forward this to your replacement.
Further to my email of 29/4, see also this link confirming Clubs MUST have a fully qualified Welfare Officer for Youth Club County Affiliations to be valid.
"These requirements are now mandatory and failure to meet these will result in affiliation not being accepted."

Steve Mattos (League Welfare Officer)
Cheltenham Youth Football League

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